Goodbye 2017, hello 2018!

I know this post is pretty late into the new year I’ve been sick or dealing with a sick toddler, RSV is not fun. 2017 was a big year for me and my family my son turned one! I decided it was time to add another baby to the family and we made some other changes. 

I was stressed out a lot in 2017 and I would love to not deal with that during 2018. This year we are going to pay off some debt and possibly move. I look forward to the new year. I also am planning on focusing on my blog more and I’m still weighing the decision on starting a YouTube channel. I’m gonna start post on Mondays, Wednesday’s and Fridays if I miss one of those days I’m sorry ahead of time life can be unpredictable. 

I also wanted to wish everyone a happy belated New Year’s and hope 2018 is a wonderful yeah for you! 


So if you haven’t noticed recently a lot of YouTubers have been posting “clickbait” videos because a lot of their videos are getting demonetized which basically means they’re not getting anything for you watching them other than views. Normally a YouTuber gets a certain amount of money for every watch. Recently YouTube has been making some serious changes to what is considered “approved/appropriate” for viewers.

I honestly don’t think they’re watching the views before they decide to demonetize it. I’ve reviews and make up looks both get demonetized even weight loss video’s. Honestly it’s turning a lot of YouTubers off from posting videos. I wanted to make a YouTube but channel for vlogs and mom advice because well why not, but I’m worried I’ll be putting in a bunch of money into videos that aren’t gonna make me anything. I may still make one who knows. 

Until next time my lovely readers ❤️

Disclaimer: in no way was this sponsored by YouTube. These are things that other YouTubers have already made videos showing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

So I know it’s not technically Thanksgiving yet, but I am so excited and I finally have something to write about. I haven’t been active lately because I have no good ideas and honestly I’ve been in a funk lately.

So this week I’m going to be writing my Thanksgiving plans and my meal ideas, basically what we’re gonna eat. I am making a turkey for my husband and son because my mother is coming up for Thanksgiving this year. This is also the third year we’re having at our house for Thanksgiving and the second my son will be here for. I’m so excited!

I’m planning on making: turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole (my favorite!), rolls and apple pie. I enjoy making the apple pie and they never last longer than a day in my house lol I have decided this year to use the turkey baster things you can get at Wal-Mart for $3 I just can’t find a good recipe for them. And I’m buying Hawaiian rolls because why not lol

After Thanksgiving were either going to Elljay Georgia or just going to stay home and decorate for Christmas. This isn’t that long of a post but I’ll be posting again! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

Stop shaming

Today while I was waiting with my son at his doctors I was publicly shamed for breastfeeding. My son was fussy because it’s his nap time and we’re not home. I normally nurse him to sleep and I have done this everyday for his entire 16 months on this Earth. Being that he was fussy an older woman sat next to me to “calm” him down and play with him, no big deal he’s a toddler everyone loves them and to play with babies. So he starts pulling at my shirt which means he wants milk, I normally don’t nurse him in public because of how often he gets distracted. This woman, who is also in scrubs, looks at him and says “Oh I know what you want. Tell mommy to take you to the bathroom and give you some.” I am shocked I am appalled how there this woman tell my son to tell me to feed him in a bathroom. My son is my first and while he may not be my last it’s comments like that which are why so many women don’t breastfeed or even try to breastfeed. We do not live in a time where women should be shamed for FEEDING a child. I have stood up for many women to publicly feed their child(ren) without using a cover without hesitation. But I have never been shamed before like this and while she may not have meant it that way I feel humiliated and hurt that somebody would have the nerve to tell me that. If you don’t like breastfeeding then look away but don’t tell someone to go nurse in a bathroom if you wouldn’t eat in one. 

Vegan take two.

So vegan update for anyone interested, I started going vegan a little under a month ago for health reasons. When I say I’m going vegan I mean I’m going mostly plant based on occasion I will have some pasta but mostly plant based since I have PCOS any kind of carbs aren’t really good for me. 

So at first and still now until I can figure out how to get all of my daily needs, I am having a “meat meals”. A “meat meal” is where I have, my dinners mostly, contain some kind of meat so I go get low vitamins or b12 or anything like that. I have cut it down to mostly 2-3 meals a week like this since I’m still super new and don’t want to send my body into shock or cause any kinds of problems since I am still a SAHM and taking care of a toddler when you don’t feel good sucks. 

My husband is super supportive in my decision to become vegan and has decided he wants to have a more plant based life style as well! Which is so exciting for me because I have a support system. And he helps me learn what is/isn’t vegan also which is really helpful when trying to shop with a toddler. 

We also live in a small town but thankfully we have two grocery stores and a local farmers market we can check out and get good deals on veggies and fruits. Before hurricane Irma we check out our local one and even with having three venders they have a good selection of different things. Like homemade sauces, dressings and soaps I really enjoyed it. 

I have tried finding some meat replacements but honestly out of the four I’ve tried I’ve only liked one, the orange Mandarin chick’n. Which taste amazing even my husband loved it and said we should get more of them. Tofu is not my cup of tea. Maybe I didn’t cook it correctly but I will definitely not be cooking it that way again lol I don’t know if I’ll even try it again but maybe. 

I am looking forward to trying more vegan foods and getting healthier while I do it. This is different from anything I’ve tried in the past but makes me feel better. I’ve always loved veggies since I was younger so I knew it wouldn’t be very hard to transition. Well I hope everyone who reads this enjoyed it and maybe decided to try something new 



Amber teething necklaces, are they really that good?

Before I start I wanted to give a little background about what they are and what they’re supposed to be. Amber teething necklaces and bracelets are supposed to be worn by babies and when they wear then their body temperature warms up the necklace causing it to replease the natural succinic acid which is supposed to help with the pain. Please check out this link about amber teething necklaces if you have more questions.

I received my necklace as a give in a diaper subscription from a website called What Da Fluff. When I got it I honestly was skeptical about it. I had done a little bit of research about them since my son as getting some teeth and it was horrible no one was getting any sleep and he was constantly chewing on things. I decided to put it on him right away when I opened the package. My husband wasn’t so sure about it and decided he wanted to do him own research so after doing some we decided to give it a try.

He has now been wearing his necklace for a couple of months now and honestly from my point the only thing it does it look cute. It hasn’t helped him with teething and he didn’t like to wear it at first. I’ve tried “recharging” it and still doesn’t work. I’ve tried letting him sleep in it and never taking it off and it doesn’t work. Could it be that I got a fake? Maybe but it’s unlikely. Could it be that it just doesn’t work for some people? Maybe but I’m not a scientist and I don’t have the ability to test it out on everybody. Maybe when we have another child I’ll get another and try it on both to see if that helps. Until then I won’t be recommending them to anyone.

Picture of my son wearing his


*Disclaimer* I am not a doctor nor scientist so these are not fact based statements they just my personal reciew. And Amber Teething Necklaces should never be worn when a child is sleeping. 

One? Or both?

I love love love writing on my blog page it lets me vent when I have no one to talk to, because let’s be honest I literally have no friends, and I love writing reviews. So why can’t I have my cake and eat it to? I’ve been thinking of doing just regular mom blog/venting/being honest post every other day(or when I get a chance it write them lol) and whenever I don’t have any kind of update or whatever to post I’ll do a review post or do four review post each months. I was also thinking of doing a YouTube channel for some of my gaming because let’s be honest I’m still a gamer at heart. 

I honestly don’t know if I would get more followers doing it that way or what. And honestly I’m just taking everything day by day. I know that I won’t get a mass following over night or even within a couple of months but what the hell I’ll still write even if no one reads. 

I definitely know one thing for sure that one of my next posts will be about Amber teething necklaces and if they truly work. 



Hello again old friend

So here’s what I’ve been up to since my last post. We decide to leave because of the hurricane but I got two hours away from home and was like “I change my mind let’s go home” so we went home lol then we got home and the next morning, Monday morning, the day the hurricane was supposed to hit us, we lost power around 10:30 A.M. which no power a toddler and a hungry husband doesn’t work well. Once the storm was over we thankfully found food which happened to be Taco Bell, let me just tell you if I never eat anymore Taco Bell for the rest of my life I’ll be so happy. 

Tuesday: still no power going on over 24 hours without which thankfully it isn’t hot as hell yet gotta love Georgia heat. But because we have no power we have no way if making any food so this whole time we’re having to eat out which sucks. And I call my dad who lives by us and we go take showers with him and eat a home cooked meal. If you’ve gone without a home cooked meal for a few days they are so much more amazing when you finally get one lol 

Wednesday: it’s at least 80 outside before lunch and my husband has had to go back to work since Tuesday and we only have one car so I get it after lunch to cool me and the baby off and get some food. Once my husband gets off he realized how hot it was and it wasn’t gonna get any cooler so we decided to go stay at my dad’s house for the night thank God for AC, running water, a nice cool bed and electricity. While at my dad’s every time his dogs would bark my son would open his eyes which lead to us sleeping with a AC on us all night with wet hair.

Thursday: got up early to take my husband to work and get us back home. I’m sick and the baby is also at this point. We get home around 7:00A.M and we HAVE POWER!!!!! So excited about that lol but all of our food in our fridge was bad which sucked. 

Since Thursday, two weeks ago, we’ve been sick and trying it get back to normal after the hurricane. And thankfully we’re almost there. I just wanted to update everyone and let y’all know that I will be getting back to posting this week! 


So recently I’ve decided to go vegan although I’m only a week in I’d figured why not blog about it. Recently I had a doctor’s appointment about my PCOS and she told me because I’m ovetweight I won’t be able to have another baby or have regular periods. So I only drink water expect maybe once or twice a week I drink soda so I’ve decided that since the doctor doesn’t listen to me about working out and eating healthy I’ll just change my diet completely. 

I’ve decided to go slow to make sure I don’t burn myself out. So I’ve gotten my meat meals down to just once a day to slowly cut back. I will still cook meat for my son and husband because let’s be honest I’m not gonna force my life style choices on them. So far I’ve felt so much better and have made some yummy foods. Tofu is not my favorite thing though I’ve been trying to get it to taste better but I’ve failed lol. 

I will definitely be writing more about this as I go along so if anyone wanted to follow my journey or get personal experience from an honest person they can look here.