Late night thoughts

Even though this will be published tomorrow sometime I’m up late and figured I’d write something. Sick starting my blog back up I’ve been trying to find my click, I guess you could say. I’m trying to find what works for my blog and what people want to read from me. So far I’ve had a few views and no followers but I’m not giving up yet. I am trying to find a job also because being an adult and paying bills is hard. Sometimes I wonder if anyone I know in real life will find this blog and think I’m off my rocker. 

So a little bit about me while I’m up late. My name is Victoria, I am a 21 year old mother and wife. I live in a small town and grew up in a one red light town. I have a young child who I care for daily and do the house work since I am a SAHM(stay at home mom). I do not engage in things people my age do, I don’t drink or smoke or do anything like that. I would much rather curl up with a good book and spend time with my family. I do live in Georgia, USA, close to Savannah. And let me tell you, it gets hot as all get out. I have three dogs who irritated me beyond belief lol but I won’t get rid of them for nothing. I have anxiety and it sucks. I like to color my hair bright colors but do not like to stand out in a crowd. I am very passionate about breastfeeding and car seat safety, as two of my sister were seriously hurt when they were in a car accident Christmas Eve a few years back. I like to go hunting even though I’ve never actually seen anything nor killed anything, I guess I enjoy the quite of the woods. I love to paint even tho I truthfully suck at it, the same goes for singing. I enjoy spending time at the beach but I’m not the skinnyest person so I tend to not go. I have PCOS and it sucks also. 

I honestly cannot think of anything else to write without giving to much of myself away.  Enjoy a picture of saint Simon’s Island from when we went last time 

The fluffy penguin company review

So I cloth diaper and I’ve bought from a few sites but I’m going to be reviewing the fluffy penguin company today and at the end I’ll post a link to the website.

So when I started buying diapers I looked on Amazon and omg they were expensive! $10 for one diaper and no insert. Lord no, then I was recommend the fluffy penguin company and her prices are AMAZING! And her shipping is so fast. It is run by a wahm named Ket, she in located in Ohio and literally I get my package in 2-3 days and I live in Georgia. 

She also has a Facebook group where she does preorders and you can get $2-$3 off certain products. And she offers more than just diapers she also has mama cloth and harem outfits along with dryer balls.

But like any company she has a down side. The down side to her site is she only offers certain ones and sometimes, most around the end of the year and sometimes during the middle, she is sold out of a lot of stuff. She is really great about getting what you want tho. 

That’s all I can think of right now thanks for reading! 

Link to her website:

And a picture of her moblie website 

House guests

So me and my husband bought a house in 2014, we’ve lived here since and honestly I’m ready to burn it down. We only had a month to find a house and this one fit perfectly but there’s soooo much wrong with it and it’s so old.

Anyways when we first moved in our dogs ate the wooden fence because I apparently have goats not dogs, then we had a bird fly down where the heater use to be and that was horrible I was very pregnant and my husband is so scared of thing it was hilarious lol.

So after we got the bird we found a mouse running around our spare room which then scared me and my husband again lol. We’re not dirty people by any means we have clutter but nothing horrible and we live near a couple restaurants and small convenience store. At the time we had a cat and he got rid of the mouse for us thank you kitty. 
After the first mouse we had another bird which my husband thought he had made it so they couldn’t come in but apparently not this bird seriously didn’t wanna leave and it took 30 minutes to get him out of the hole then another 20 to get him outside the whole time when he would fly my husband would scream and it was one of the funniest things ever lol. 

Now we have another mouse and no cat and we’ve tried everything to get him to leave and even put down two traps he seriously won’t even touch the food on the traps. I told my husband today if the mouse ate one of my diapers I was gonna rip the whole house apart to find it lol. 

Anyone have tips to not get them anymore or even get rid of them?

Let’s talk

I honestly don’t think anyone ever reads my blog. I’m still so new to this and don’t really know how to get myself out there yet. Anyways I’ve been trying to figure out what works for me, for my blog, to hopefully get more readers. 

I know there’s a lot of mom blogs out there I know also know that I’m not just a mom. I’m a 21 year old mother to a rainbow baby boy. I’m married with a house and a car. I don’t have any friends because of getting pregnant at a young age. But I do have a sister and that’s all that matters. I would love more friends but if it doesn’t happen then whatever. I’m just blabing my mouth, or should I say keyboard, right now but maybe someone will read this.

I’m totally interested in do product reviews and I have a bunch I can do laying around the house right now. So hopefully once I’m over this ear infection I’ll be able to post more. I will definitely be doing some house hold items reviews and baby/toddler stuff reviews. 

Thanks always,


Changing table need or want

So everyone told me while I was pregnant I would need a changing table that I would use it and honestly I do….only as storage lol. 

Honestly there’s no point in getting one because half the people who get them don’t actually use them. Once you have a baby you’re gonna be so exhausted you won’t even want to get up and change him/her do you’ll just change the baby wherever you are. 

If you feel like you need one then check out your local B/S/T pages to find one for cheap. 

I did however use the changing table once to give my son a bath before his umbilical cord fell off so that’s good for that. 

Leave me comment on what you want to read since I’m just starting up đź’™


When you hear jobs what do you think? Maybe you think of your personal job or that you need it for money. When I hear jobs I hear stress.

I am a SAHM, stay at home mom, and my husband works over 40 hours week to pay for every thing we need. But it doesn’t always cover every thing like food or house hold items. I try to find things to help pay for bills like doing little surveys for extra money or finding things around the house that we can sell because we no longer need. But it doesn’t always work out that way.

When I think of the word job(s) I also think of what my job is being a SAHM. I am the maid, the cook, the financial assistant, the laundry person, the one who makes sure all the bills are paid on time and we don’t miss any payments. I am also the one who makes sure everyone has everything they need for work or school; since my husband is in school and my son is only 14 months old.  I also am the one who has to make phone calls on behalf of my husband and son since neither of them can do it.

But I would have to say my less stressful “job” is being there for my son when he needs me; or helping my husband find his wallet for the millionth time. Why do men lose every thing so easily lol.

I some times want to get a “real” job but if I was to add up child care, diapers, food, and the extra gas I would only be going to work to pay those new bills. Maybe one day I’ll win the lottery, guess I should start playing it first then.

If you’ve taken the time to read this then comment and tell me what you want to read or what you think I should write about. Have a wonderful day!